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Septic Systems

Dick's Septic Service has been proudly serving the south Okanagan for 28 years. Our services include septic tank locating and pumping, drain field cleaning and augering, grease trap cleaning, as well as video inspections for septic fields. Our experienced staff will be happy to help to keep your system running the way it should. We also rent portable toilets for daily, weekly or monthly rentals, with event portable and construction site portables available.

FAQ's re Septic Systems:

  • Q. What are the parts of a septic tank system?
    A. A conventional septic system has a tank (typically 400 to 1200 gallons) and a leach field (perforated pipe buried shallow in an extended area).
  • Q. What are septic tanks made of?
    A. Septic tanks may be made of concrete, fiberglass or a plastic.
  • Q. Are septic tanks better or worse for the environment than regular central sewers?
    A. Experts disagree. A properly maintained septic system discharges treated effluent directly into the ground, where its close contact with soil results in additional purification. A central sewerage system discharges very large volumes of treated effluent into a body of water at one location.
  • Q. Who regulates septic tanks?
    A. In Canada local jurisdictions typically regulate onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Septic systems are commonly forgotten about or neglected. Here are some general "do's and don'ts"

  • Do's
    • Make sure to not plant trees or shrubs over your drain field as roots can severely shorten the life span of a septic field.
    • Know where your system is. Keep a diagram of the tank and system on record.
    • Have it pumped and inspected on a regular basis. Times change with tank size and usage but a good average is every 4-5 years.
    • Use laundry detergents with low phosphorus as it can build up on your inlet lines and cause a blockage.
  • Don'ts
    • Don't pour bleach or heavy duty chemicals down the drains as it can kill the good bacteria in your septic tank.
    • Don't over-stress your system by doing multiple laundry loads in one day or numerous dishwasher loads in one day.
    • Don’t discharge water softening devices in the system.